Pythor Comics

Over the last few years I've been working toward publishing comic books that will present my own original characters and stories. I'm still learning the digital graphics side of things, so once I have that all figured out I'll be able to go ahead with independently publishing my comics, which I find quite exciting! I've been creating characters and stories for these comics since my teenage years, so it will be awesome to finally see these stories come to life. It's all coming up just around the corner!

To that end, in addition to launching a new website, I've posted several "mini preview comics" online as examples of what is to come. Below are links to each of them. Enjoy!
Pythor the Barbarian

Canadian Crusader

Blue Jay Boy

Griffon Shadow

Perseus, Son of Zeus
Zedgar the Wild Jungle Dude

Coming Soon!!!!
Star Boogie
with Captain Super Space Guy!


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